Add Google Tag Manager to Elementor

Add Google Tag Manager to Elementor – Easy Method

By: Hugo Makes

Adding Google Tag Manager (GTM) to your Elementor website can seem intimidating. There are a myriad of plugins available that can assist with the process, however, having to add additional plugins can slow down the performance of your website and also introduce additional security vulnerabilities. Instead, I’ll teach how in just a few simple steps, you can have Google Tag Manager up and running in Elementor in no time without the need for any add-ons or additional plugins.

Be aware that you will need a copy of Elementor Pro in order to use the Custom Code feature in Elementor, so if you don’t have your copy, make sure to upgrade your copy of Elementor. If you don’t know which version to use, check out our Elementor Pro pricing guide.

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Step 1: Check You Have Google Tag Manager Setup

Before we begin, make sure you have Elementor installed as well as a Google Tag Manager account set up and that you have your GTM container code ready to go. If you don’t already have an account, you can sign up for free at

gtm elementor 1
Choose Install Google Tag Manager
GTM code
Copy and Paste Your Code

Step 2: Navigate to Custom Code in Elementor

Click on the “Elementor” link in your WordPress side bar to access Elementor options. Then, click on the “Custom Code” link.

gtm elementor custom code
Navigate to the Custom Code area of Elementor

Step 3: Add Your GTM Head Container Code

  • Once in the Custom Code section of Elementor, click on “Add New” button.
  • Type in the Title for the code for easy reference, in our example, we’ll just type GTM – Head.
  • Choose the Head option from the Location dropdown menu.
  • Copy and Paste the code labeled “Paste this code as high in the <head> of the page as possible:” in the code area.
  • Press Publish
  • For Display Conditions, choose the appropriate options. In our example, we’ll just choose “Entire Site”
Google Tag Manager Elementor Head Code
Copy and paste Google Tag Manager Head Code

Step 4: Add Your GTM Body Container Code

  • Click on the “Add New” button to create an additional custom code entry.
  • This time choose Body – Start in the location section and be sure to give a title. We gave it GTM – Body as our title.
  • Paste the code from GTM labeled: “Additionally, paste this code immediately after the opening <body> tag:” into the code area in Elementor.
  • Press Publish.
  • For Display Conditions, choose the appropriate option. In our example, again, we’ll just choose “Entire Site”
Google Tag Manager Elementor Body Code
Copy and paste Google Tag Manager Body Start Code

Step 5: Verify Your GTM Installation

Finally, check your GTM dashboard to verify that the code has been installed correctly. You should see a notification in your GTM dashboard that the code has been successfully added to your website.

Check Google Tag Manager Tag
Check Google Tag Manager Tag

That’s all! Now you can take full advantage of Google Tag Manager in Elementor without the need for an additional plugin or add-on. All while making sure not to add additional bloatware.

Hugo Makes
Hugo Makes

Hugo Makes is the co-founder of an award winning design and digital marketing agency. He has been developing and marketing websites since 1998.

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