Elementor Pro Pricing

Elementor Pro Pricing – A Comprehensive Guide To Help You Choose

By: Hugo Makes

When reviewing the best WordPress Page builders, Elementor Pro is one of the top. In fact, in our complete visual page builders for WordPress guide, we rank Elementor as the best page builder for WordPress period, hands down. This WordPress site builder provides you with everything you need to create any website type, from eCommerce stores and landing pages to full-blown dynamic websites. Although the free version of Elementor offers a significant amount of advanced features and widgets, Elementor Pro has several features that allow web developers to create more creative websites with more customizable design options with the inclusion of more widgets and advanced features.

So, if you are sitting on the fence wondering whether to go with Elementor Pro or the choosing the right pricing plan, we have your back. Here is an all-inclusive guide of Elementor Pro Pricing.

Elementor Pro Pricing

Elementor For Designers
Elementor offers a state-of-the-art website designer suite.

Free Version

Elementor has a free version with limited number of features and a pro version with additional more powerful features and tools. The free version of Elementor allows you to use the page builder on unlimited number of sites; it has over 40 basic widgets and a few templates. In addition, all versions of the builder come with excellent drag and drop functionality, global colors and fonts, a landing page builder, responsive editing and live editing.

Elementor Pro – The Paid Version

For those looking for more, Elementor Pro is available across four different pricing plans. Although that may sound like a lot of different options for Elementor Pro, thankfully the company has kept things relatively simple and nearly all of the features are present across all of the paid versions and instead the major differences relegated to the number of licenses you need per your particular use case. All paid versions now include premium support from the Elementor team.

What You Get With All Versions Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro comes loaded with a slew of widgets and functionality that elevate this page builder above and beyond the competition.

Full List of Elementor Pro Features

  • 100+ Widgets – choose from a large selection of widgets to create design layout, animations, marketing, ecommerce and more.
  • Motion & Interactions – gain access to additional motion and interactions like mouse and scrolling effects and sticky functionality.
  • Theme Builder – completely design and manage the entire framework of your website.
  • Dynamic Content Support – creative powerful database powered websites.
  • 300+ Templates – additional pre-designed blocks and pages so you don’t need to start from scratch.
  • 90+ Website Kits – additional wireframe kits to help you design your website.
  • Custom CSS – if the builder doesn’t do it, with custom CSS you can create advanced designs.
  • WooCommerce Builder – easily create the pages for your store without a single line of code.
  • Form Builder – powerful form builder with Mailchimp and Mailerlite functionality built-in.
  • Popup Builder – very flexible popup/modal designer (with over 100 templates included).
  • Integrations – easily plugin popular third-party services like Hubspot, Zapier and more.
  • Notes – easily collaborate with the client or internal team right from the builder.
  • Custom Code – add custom HTML code.
  • Custom Attributes – add custom attributes like ‘ARIA’, ‘header’ or ’footer’ for each section, column or widget.
  • Role Manager – limit access to features based on Worpress user levels so clients can’t mess up the design of the website.
Elementor Pricing Details
Elementor Pricing Details

Essential Plan

The entry level pro plan, known as the Essential Plan, gives provides you with a license for one website for an annual subscription of $59.

Who the Essential Plan is for: If you’re a beginner who is looking to play with the more advanced features of Elementor or if you are building a personal blog or site for your business this we recommend you go with this plan.

Advanced Plan

An upgrade of the Essential Plan, the Advanced plan costs $99/year. The plan allows you to create three websites and gives you a few additional Website Kits. The one true value-add, aside from the extra licenses is the ability to create an Elementor Expert Profile on the Elementor website. This plan is hidden under pricing table in very small text.

Who the Advanced Plan is for: This plan is great for a freelancer who has a couple of clients who would also like to market their services on the Elementor Expert Portal. This plan is also good for someone who needs an additional license for their staging site.

Expert Plan

This plan goes for $199/year and allows you to build up to 25 websites.

Who the Studio Plan is for: This plan is ideal for small studios/agencies with a decent number of clients that need on-going support.

Agency Plan

This plan allows you to build up to 1000 websites for $399 annually. This is just an easy way to acquire additional Elementor Pro licenses at a competitive price.

Who the Agency Plan is for: As the name suggests, this plan is ideal for an agency that builds many websites.

Elementor Cloud

Elementor Cloud Website Hosting
All-in-one Elementor Pro and Hosting solution

Although you can Elementor can be installed on any instance of WordPress on run of the mill hosting, we highly recommend you obtain Managed-Wordpress Hosting. This type of hosting is optimized for WordPress and typically allows you to spin-up a WordPress server in minutes with pre-built WordPress installation packages and features. Elementor Cloud is essentially Managed-Wordpress hosting, with an Elementor Pro licensed built in, at an affordable price.

Starting at $9/year you get an Elementor Pro license and Google Cloud Platform built-in. The service Includes Cloudflare’s CDN, an SSL certificate, robust security, and automatic daily backups. Oh and it also includes Premium Support 24/7 via chat messaging or email. This starting plan is good for personal websites or for really small businesses.

There are additional price buckets available for growing businesses as well.

Check out our list of the best hosting services for Elementor and WordPress, to see other companies that offer similar services.

Elementor Widgets

Elementor Pro Widgets
100+ widgets are included in Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro features over 100 widgets that you can use in creating stunning websites. The widgets include animal headlines, posts, social share buttons, login, slides, etc., and are very useful. There are the basic widgets such as buttons, image galleries, and carousels and more advanced widget options such as the PayPal buttons, Pricing Tables, and Call-to-actions. There are many more widgets, so ensure you browse the list on the Elementor site.

To use the Elementor Widget, you only need to drag it from the sidebar and drop it into the Elementor editor. Even better, Elementor Pro offers the flexibility of customizing all the available widgets and the option of using other third-party widgets. You can conveniently use Elementor third-party add ons like the Essential Addons and Ultimate Addons.

Elementor Features

Elementor Pro Features
Elementor Pro is a full-featured visual editor

Elementor Pro offers many great features that make it the best website page builder. These include:

Drag and drop

This feature makes it easy to work on the software interface. You only need to grab an element you need and drop it anywhere you want to customize your website.

Digital system

This system allows you to define all the global colors and fonts in just a few minutes and apply them anywhere you want on your site.


Elementor Pro provides an option for saving your premade template and using the stored templates in your library.


This feature is a model that is effective when you want to publish a page but continue working on it.


This inline feature allows you to type anything you want directly on the screen. Writing will be super easy with this editing feature.


You can use the SVG icons on this page builder to create some clever, flexible, and light icons. You can even decide on the appropriate size of these icons.

Shortcut Keys

The keys are another feature that allows you to use shortcuts to do all simple activities in a shorter time.


The features have various shapes that allow you to divide your content across your website page. This will help make the page look brilliant.


The preview feature allows you to see if the font you set matches your content before you can apply it.


Elementor Dynamic Content

That’s it! Hopefully, you now understand everything you need about Elementor Pro Pricing. Although Elementor Pro will cost you, it is one of the best choices out there that are entirely worth the money. Even for beginners managing websites without a clue of how to make them attractive, Elementor offers the best features, widgets, functionality. So, if you want to build an elegant WordPress website, we recommend using Elementor Pro.

What are you still waiting for? Give it a go!

Elementor Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the free version of Elementor and the Pro version of Elementor?

The apparent difference between the free and pro versions is that you won’t need to pay a penny for the free version. However, the free version comes with limited features and widgets, while the Pro version comes loaded with all the standard and advanced features to help you easily design a stunning website.

Is Elementor Pro Worth it?

Yes! Elementor Pro is worth the cash as it comes with ten complete website kits, more than 300 customizable templates, more than 50 widgets, and enhanced customer support. You will also have access to valuable form builders and pop-ups with a flock of new features. Choose your subscription plan and reap the benefits.

What happens if you stop paying Elementor pro?

If you stop paying for Elementor pro and cancel your auto-renewal plan, you won’t be able to access the support team, premium templates, and updates that need renewal.

Does Elementor provide discount codes for the Pro Version?

Yes. Elementor provides excellent discount codes for the Pro Version on special occasions. You can check out their latest discounts from their official website.

What is the difference between Elementor Cloud and Self Hosted?

Elementor Cloud handles your website setup and maintenance, so you will only need to concentrate on creating. On the other hand, you won’t be able to install your plugins and themes with Elementor self-hosted below Business plan WordPress plan.

What is the best Elementor plan for a freelancer?

For a beginner freelancer we recommend the Advanced Plan and upgrading to higher plans as additional licenses are needed.

Do Staging Sites count towards my total Elementor Licenses?

Yes, if you are using Elementor on a staging site that additional instance will cost a license. For example if you have your live site and a staging site, you will need 2 Elementor Pro licenses to properly design and manage your Elementor website.

Can I use Elementor on a staging site?

Yes, but you’ll need each staging site will take up one of your licenses.

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