Best Bricks Builder Add-ons and Plugins

Best Bricks Builder Add-ons (Free and Premium)

By: Hugo Makes

As a business owner, you know that having a well-designed website is key to your success. But what if you don’t have the time or money to hire a web designer? Or maybe you’re just not sure how to go about creating a website yourself? No problem! Bricks Visual Builder for WordPress can help. Bricks is a visual builder that allows you to create beautiful websites without any coding required. However, although Bricks Builder is a powerful, fast visual designer, it is missing some functionality that can be easily extended by using third-party add-ons or plugins.

In recent months the Brick Visual Builder for WordPress has gotten wider acceptability and usability thanks to the developers rapid development and support. We’ve also put together a complete list of all the best visual builders for WordPress, be sure to check that out.

Below we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide for some of the best Bricks Builder Add-ons and Plugins.

1. Crocoblock: JetEngine for Bricks Builder

JetEngine for Bricks Builder
The Ultra Powerful JetEngine Plugin is Available for Bricks!

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JetEngine by Crocoblock for Bricks Builder is a powerful WordPress plugin that enables users to design and manage custom post types, taxonomies, and fields for their website. It features an intuitive interface, making it easy for users to organize and display their content in a personalized manner. JetEngine allows users to create custom post types such as team members, services, testimonials and more, and customize the fields and taxonomies associated with each post type. This results in a more dynamic and engaging website that can effectively showcase content and connect with the audience.

In addition, to JetEngine, Crocoblock has also released support for SmartFilters in the Bricks Builder as part of this integration. This added functionality allows you to use the dynamic data in interesting ways on your frontend as well as give your visitors the ability to interact with said data via filters and sorting mechanisms.

Features Highlights in JetEngine for Bricks

  • Custom Post Type – JetEngine dynamic fields are now fully integrated into Bricks Builder so they show up as part of the Custom Post Types functionality in Bricks.
  • Conditional Visibility – Show or hide sections or widgets based on specific criteria.
  • Taxonomy – Manage custom taxonomies so you can create complex content categorizations.
  • Conditional Visibility – Implement conditions for controlling web page components based on values in meta tags, user data, and other elements.
  • Option Pages – Create option pages to easily manage dynamic areas of specific pages.
  • User Geolocation – Integration with Google Maps built in with the user’s geolocation.
  • Powerful Query Builder – Develop advanced queries to be able to pull and combine data from different CPT and Taxonomies.
  • Dynamic Tables and Charts – Create tables and visual charts from your website’s dynamic data.
  • SmartFilters Integration – Integrate your dynamic data with a powerful filter mechanism.

Pricing Details

Prices for the bundle start at $199/year
Lifetime bundle deal start at $750/year

2. Pionet Bricks

Pionet Bricks Pro Add-on
Pionet Bricks provides you with advanced functionality

Founded in 2018, Pionet has become a popular WordPress plugin development company after starting as a tiny Vietnamese web development company. They built a very versatile plugin for Elementor and now they have introduced a similar plugin for Bricks Builder.

Pionet Bricks is a flexible add-on that adds some unique and fun functionality to extend the already powerful Bricks Builder. This plugin is particular helpful to improve the builder’s built-in form builder by adding form conditional logic, calculations, form abandonment and more. This will help take your Bricks form to another level.

Features Highlights in Pionet Bricks

  • Element Creator – anyone can easily create new widgets even with no technical expertise using this capability.
  • Conditional Visibility – show or hide elements based on specific criteria.
  • Instagram Feed – show a visual feed from your Instagram account.
  • Form Conditional Logic – show or hide elements based on actions taken on your forms.
  • Form Calculation – calculate different values entered on your forms.
  • Form Abandonment – help the visitors stay active on the site.
  • Advanced Tabs – present website information in a tabbed format.
  • Image Comparison – show before and after images.
  • Hotspot – create clickable areas for people to get more information.
  • Crossfade Multiple Background Images – blend two images to create unique effects.
  • and much more.

Pionet is also working on additional features such as Ajax Search, which will add even more functionality to the WordPress built-in search functionality.

Pricing Details

Personal Plan: $40/year (1 site)
Unlimited Plan: $80/year (unlimited sites)
Lifetime Plan: $90 one time (100 sites)

3. Max Addons for Bricks Builder

Max-Addons: Premium Addon for Bricks Builder
Max-Addons lets you quickly create professional pages.

Max-Addons is a premium add-on built for the Bricks Visual Builder for WordPress. The plugin was created by BloomPixel, which is a company that has created over 20+ WordPress templates, downloaded by over 5000 customers. The add-on helps extend the built-in functionality by introducing 8+ different widgets.

Taking a cue from the Bricks Builder team, Max Addons is exceptionally lightweight and loads fast without affecting website loading speed and the team stands by providing an extensive knowledgebase and support.

Max Add-ons Interface
Create professional looking headings.

One of our favorite features is the Stylish Heading Elements, which allows you to create your own custom color palettes to match your brand. These global colors take immediate effect on every element that uses the same color throughout the site. This makes updating content a lot more efficient.

Features Highlights in Max Addons

  • Multi-Headings – easily create headings using multiple styles.
  • Flipbox – display content front and rear side of box with 6+ flip animations.
  • Image Accordion – show off images in a unique accordion style.
  • Image Comparison – showcase before and after comparisons using images.
  • SVG Animations – add svg file with animation effects to your pages.
  • Fluent, Gravity, and Contact Form 7 Styler – allows you to modify the look and feel of your forms.
  • and more

Pricing Details

Prices start at $44/yr
Lifetime License available from $159

4. Bricksable for Bricks Builder

Bricksable: A Collection of Widgets and Plugins for Bricks Builder
Bricksable helps you speed up your Bricks Builder worflow.

Bricksable for Bricks Builder is a powerful plugin that lets you customize your WordPress website with a variety of widgets and elements. The plugin lets you add new functionality to your website quickly and easily. The team behind Bricksable stands behind their product by providing premium support and regular updates.

Bricksable Interface
The Bricksable Modern Interface

Like all things Bricks Builder, the add-on has been built with speed in mind–just. Bricksable only loads the necessary scripts that are required by your design, plus you can enable and disable any element right from the interface. This means that your Bricks implementation will remain lean and mean.

Best of all? Bricksable is free to use!

Feature Highlights in Bricksable

  • Lottie support – add next-generation interactive animated effects.
  • Tilt Image – create unique and inspiring interactive parallax tilt effects.
  • Text Notation – add notation effect to headings.
  • Floating – capture your viewers’ attention with a dynamic showcase of multiple images, text or both.
  • Icon List – display beautiful lists with icons, text or images as bullets.
  • Flipbox – 9 different animations to for your flipbox feature.
  • Multi Headings – modern heading styles with ability to modify font, colors in the same heading.

Pricing Details

Available for Free!

5. Automatic CSS

Automatic CSS for Bricks Builder
Add powerful CSS functionality to Bricks.

Automatic CSS is a utility framework addon on for Bricks that allows you to add advanced CSS functionality. Most builders don’t yet have support for mathematically scaled fonts and sizing options, so this add-on is a powerful way to design responsive websites using Bricks.

Feature Highlights for Automatic CSS

  • Automatic Typography – perfect mathematical scale in hierarchy through 12 different size options for headings, paragraphs, lists, form fields, or anything other text areas.
  • Automatic Colors – once you set your brand colors, Automatic CSS automatically generates six shade variants of each color and can be used via color utility variables.
  • Automatic Spacing – margins, padding, and gaps follow a perfect mathematical scale that provides you with access to six size-specific spacing values and six remarkably responsive section values.
  • Automatically Responsive – the add-on uses advanced CSS Clamp and Calc techniques to make sure all typography, margin, padding, and gaps are responsive according to the maximum and minimum viewport dimensions of your website.
  • Automatic Grid – automatically creates CSS Grids by setting the number of rows and columns.

Pricing Details

Prices start from $69/year

6. Bricks Widget Creator

Bricks Widget Creator
The Bricks Widget creator is a handy tool to extend your Bricks builder.

The Bricks Widget Creator is a WordPress plugin can be set up to create your very own Page Builder Bricks elements. This is a great tool for any skilled developer or WordPress user to create custom elements without too much effort using a live visual preview and a clean design interface.

Feature Highlights Bricks Widget Creator

  • Visual Builder – create your widgets using a visual interface.
  • Live Preview – visually your changes as you make them.
  • Nestable Elements – this allows you to create complex, highly flexible elements.
  • Conditional Logic with Loops – create repeater fields and dynamic content.
  • Functions – follow good coding practices by separating the graphic elements from your logic.
  • Plugin Creator – go even further and create your own standalone plugins for Bricks.
  • And much more.

Pricing Details

Prices start from $29/year
Lifetime licenses available from $69

Frequently Asked Questions about Bricks Builder Addons

Are there any third-party Brick Builder Addons and Plugins?

Currently there is a limited number of Brick Builder Addons and Plugins available. However, over the past several months developers are starting to adopt the Elementor competitor and creating addons and plugins that are extending Brick’s functionality. We have outlined some of the best and most widely supported addons on this page.

Which is the best Bricks Builder Addon?

There is no right or wrong addon. For the most part, you have to look at what functionality you need that Bricks currently does not support, and purchase an addon that helps you achieve your desired result.

Are there any hosting companies that offer Brick Builder Optimized Hosting?

The Bricks Visual Builder was created to be ultra light for fast loading. As long as you are hosting on a reputable hosting company on a relatively speedy server, you should be able to easily run Bricks without slowing down your website.

Which Bricks Builder Add-ons Offer Lifetime Deals?

As of this writing, the following add-ons offer a lifetime deal on their product: Pionet Bricks, Bricks Widget Creator, and Max Addons. This is by no means a complete list, but we will update as more add-ons are developed.

That’s a Wrap!

In conclusion, although there is a limited number of Bricks Builder add-ons and plugins, the ones that are available are able to help you extend the built in Bricks Builder functionality. They add some much needed features that will help your website more user friendly, efficient, and visually appealing. So if you are looking for ways to improve your website be sure to check out these add-ons.

Hugo Makes
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