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Best Image Comparison Slider Widget Add-On for Elementor

By: Hugo Makes

Elementor, one of the most popular WordPress page builder plugins, offers a range really powerful widgets for endless design options. Unfortunately, an Image Comparison Slider Widget is not something that comes built-in, not even on the Pro version of the software. Instead, if you are looking to include this functionality in your website, then you will need to opt-in for a third-party Elementor add-on that offers this capability. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at five example Elementor plugins that offer this widget functionality, including a free option!

What are Image Comparison Slider Widgets in Elementor?

Image comparison slider widgets are a useful tool for showcasing the differences between two images in a visually appealing way. They allow you to display two images side by side and use a slider or toggle button to switch between them, highlighting the differences of the underlying images.

I use these type of widgets in my Elementor builds all the time for a variety of use cases. Some of the most common are:

  1. Product comparisons: This allow customers to compare different similar products on an e-commerce website.
  2. Before and after comparisons: Use them to show the difference before and after. For example, in a real estate site you may show an empty lot and the same lot with a house built.
  3. Highlighting differences: Instead of showing similarities, you can highlight the differences between two images.
  4. Design comparisons: Designers can use them to show design iterations to clients, for example showing a wireframe versus the finished design.
  5. Educational purposes: In an educational context, you can show similarities between two species or animals. For example comparing a chimpanzee to a human.

The possibilities and creativity that this widget can allow are limitless.

Which Elementor Plugins Offer an Image Comparison Widget?

For the most part most if not all of the widgets suggested below offer the same basic functionality in their Image Comparison Slider widget, so when making a decision on which to purchase, you should consider the additional widgets you get when you make the purchase. If there is any feature in any of the widgets that go above and beyond, I will point it out.


Image Comparison Tool from JetElements
Easy to use before and after tool from Crocoblock JetElements

You know my love for Crocoblock’s JetEngine, in fact, it is one our number recommended add-on for dynamic content for Elementor, but their JetElements module is also a feature-rich option that are a great addition to your Elementor toolbox. Their plugin “Content Slider” widget adds simple and easy-to-use image comparison functionality to your Elementor website. You can customize the colors, border, and other design elements to match your website’s style.

Essential Add-Ons for Elementor Image Comparison

Essential Addons Image Comparison Tool
Customizable image comparison slider widget from Essential Addons.

EA Image Comparison is a powerful tool for showcasing product comparisons on your website. It allows potential buyers to easily compare two images, such as an old version of a product versus a new one, and clearly visualize any major changes. The widget maintains high image resolution and offers advanced styling options, so you can create an impressive and exclusive product comparison showcase.

One of the nice features that Essential Add-On offers that other widgets in with this capability do not, is the functionality to include different animations and hover effects when the user is interacting with the Widget. This gives you some advanced design capabilities that may not be available in other tools.

Overall, you get a bunch of other really powerful widgets when you purchase Essential-Addons, so I would keep this one in your shortlist.

Premium Add-Ons Image Comparison Elementor Widget

Premium Addons Elementor Image Comparison Slider Widget
Premium Addons Elementor Image Comparison Slider Widget

The Premium Image Comparison Elementor Widget offers a range of customization options to enhance your website’s image comparison functionality. You can add an overlay color that is activated when the mouse hovers over the widget, and adjust the position of the labels to be at the top, bottom, middle, left, right, or center. Additionally, you can choose whether you want the drag tool to be a circle or a rectangle to suit your preferences.

Additional Elementor Add-ons that Offer Image Comparison Slider Widgets

Elementor Powerpack Addon Before and After Slider Widget
Elementor Powerpack Addon Before and After Slider Widget

There are additional third-party add-ons that offer this functionality. They are listed below for your convenience, though we highly recommend the options above as those are the ones we thoroughly tested.

The Wrap Up

Image comparison widgets are a useful tool for showcasing the differences between two images in a visually appealing way. Although Elementor does not offer this functionality built-in, many third-party developers make this feature readily available. So, whether you need a simple comparison widget or a more advanced and customizable one, there’s likely an Elementor plugin that will meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Elementor Include an Image Comparison Slider Widget?

Unfortunately Elementor neither the Free Edition or the Pro Edition of Elementor include an image comparison widget. There are however, a great number of Elementor Add-Ons and Plugins that add this functionality at a very reasonable cost.

Is there a free Before and After Slider Widget for Elementor?

No. There are however, free third-party add-ons that offer this functionality for Elementor. You can learn more about Elementor Pricing in this article.

Is a Before and After Slider Widget Worth Using?

There are some very unique use cases to for an Image Comparison Slider. Some include showing before and after photos, comparing similar or dissimilar products or for educational purposes. We listed a few other ideas earlier in this article.

Which Image Comparison Slider is the Best One?

Most before and after sliders work very similar. So we recommend looking at what other widgets you get with a purchase of an Elementor add-on that offers this functionality.

Hugo Makes
Hugo Makes

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